Candidates must complete the application form and include the necessary documents. Any application will only be considered for evaluation if each criteria here stated are met. The 4 best candidates will be given a 4-year PhD scholarship (one year abroad) funded by the Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation (FCT).

1. The Application Form

Click on “Application Submission” on this page and follow instructions.

2. Required Documents

After completing the form, you should upload the following documents (your application will not be considered without them):

•  Your CV (in English) :: Please download and fill in the CV_BIOTECnico_Template-Form provided here. Note that using the CV Template Form provided is mandatory.
•   Your motivation letter (in English)
•   A digital copy of all your academic certificates (stating the final classification you obtained), and the respective official transcripts (listing the grade/classification of each discipline/subject you attended to get each degree).
•  Reference letters ::  Each candidate must indicate, at least, two referees – name, institution and email.
•  Proof of permanent residence in Portugal (for foreign candidates)


For further information on the application process, please contact the Coordination Office.

BIOTECnico Seminar Cycle stating in Jan 2021.
Molecular and Cellular Biology | Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering | Functional and Comparative Genomics | Upstream and Downstream Processing | Computational and Systems Biology | Biosensors and Nanotechnology | Synthetic Biology | Molecular Bioengineering