BIOTECnico students have access to IST resources including multimedia classrooms, information technology labs, wireless internet, online (b-on) and physical libraries, software, etc. The iBB laboratories in the Alameda (1000 m2) and Taguspark (300 m2) campi include infrastructures, equipment and software required to perform research in molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, microbiology, functional and comparative genomics and biomolecular bioprocessing and biosystems engineering.

BIOTECnico students may also be hosted in other research units where IST affiliated faculty carry out their R&D activities in the program context (e.g. at the Las research units: INESC-ID-Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering-Investigation and Development, INESC-MN-Microsystems and Nanotechnologies and IDMEC – Institute of Mechanical Engineering).

BIOTECnico Seminar Cycle stating in Jan 2021.
Molecular and Cellular Biology | Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering | Functional and Comparative Genomics | Upstream and Downstream Processing | Computational and Systems Biology | Biosensors and Nanotechnology | Synthetic Biology | Molecular Bioengineering