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Sep 5th
Sep 6th
Sep 7th
Sep 8th
Sep 9th
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Monday, 5th
9:00  17:30
QA1.1 WS1: User Experience in Cars
QA1.2 WS3: Building Bridges – HCI and Visualization
QA1.3 WS6: Encouraging Serendipity in Interactive Systems
QA1.4 WS9: User Interaction Techniques for Future Lighting Systems
QA02.1 WS10: Re-framing HCI through local and indigenous perspectives
QA02.2 WS12: Mobile Accessibility Workshop
QA02.4 WS16: Accessible Design in the Digital World
P3 TUT.111: Activity-Centered Interaction Design: A Model-Driven Approach
P9 TUT.118: Context-Aware Adaptation of User Interfaces
9:00  12:30
P1 TUT.106: Sketching Interactive Systems with Sketchify
14:00  17:30
P1 TUT.120: User Experience Evaluation in Entertainment and Games



Tuesday, 6th
9:00  17:30
QA1.1 WS2: Human Work Interaction Design for e-Government and Public Information Systems
QA1.2 WS4: 5th Workshop on Software and Usability Engineering Cross-Pollination: Patterns, Usability and User Experience
QA1.3 WS5: Values in Design - Building Bridges between RE, HCI & Ethics
QA02.1 WS8: International Workshop on Data-Centric Interactions on the Web
QA02.2 WS11: Software Support for User Interface Description Languages
QA1.4 WS13: Combining Design and Engineering of Interactive Systems through Models and Tools (ComDeisMoto)
P1 Doctoral Consortium
QA02.4 WS15: Promoting and Supporting Healthy Living by Design
9:00  12:30
P3 TUT.132: User Interface Design, Adaptation, and Migration for Multi-Device Environments
14:00  17:30
P3 TUT.115: User Experience Evaluation - Which Method to Choose?



Wednesday, 7th
9:00  10:30
FCG Registration
10:30  11:00
A2 Opening Session
11:00  12:30
A2 Keynote: Mary Czerwinski
The Future of Distributed Groups and their Use of Social Media
14:00  17:30
Douro 2 Panels
14:00  15:30
A2 TPS.131:  Accessibility I
A3 TPS.132:  Paper 2.0
S1 TPS.133:  Interface Design
S2 TPS.134:  Web Interaction
S3 TPS.135:  Recommender Systems
S4 TPS.136:  Affective HCI
16:00  17:30
A2 TPS.141:  Human Factors I
A3 TPS.142:  Sound and Smell
S1 TPS.143:  Computer-Supported Cooperative Work I
S2 TPS.144:  User Experience I
S3 TPS.145:  Fun / Aesthetic Design I
S4 TPS.146:  Mobile Interfaces
Minho Demonstrations
Tejo Posters
18:00  19:30
MdS Cheese & Wine


Thursday, 8th
9:30  10:30
A2 Keynote: António Câmara
Natural User Interfaces
11:00  17:30
Tejo Posters
Douro 1 Special Interest Group Discussions
11:00  12:30
A2 TPS.221:  Health I
A3 TPS.222:  International and Cultural Aspects of HCI
S1 TPS.223:  Computer-Supported Cooperative Work II
S2 TPS.224:  Interruptions and Attention
S3 TPS.225:  Health II
S4 TPS.226:  Human Factors II
Douro 2 Industrial Programme
14:00  15:30
A2 TPS.231:  Tabletops I
A3 TPS.232:  Visualization
S1 TPS.233:  User Experience II
S2 TPS.234:  Navigation and Wayfinding
S3 TPS.235:  Accessibility II
S4 TPS.236:  Multi-Modal Interfaces
Douro 2 Organizational Overviews
16:00  17:30
A2 TPS.241:  Gestures
A3 TPS.242:  UI Modelling I
S1 TPS.243:  Evaluation I
S2 TPS.244:  Novel User Interfaces and Interaction Techniques I
S3 TPS.245:  Usable Privacy and Security
S4 TPS.246:  Multi-User Interaction / Cooperation
Douro 2 Student Design Competition
20:00  22:30
CVP Social Event


Friday, 9th
9:30  10:30
A2 Keynote: Saul Greenberg
Proxemic Interactions: the New Ubicomp?

11:00  12:30
A2 TPS.321:  Touch Interfaces
A3 TPS.322:  UI Modelling II
S1 TPS.323:  Evaluation II
S2 TPS.324:  Ubiquitous and Context-Aware Computing
S3 TPS.325:  Social Media and Privacy
S4 TPS.326:  User Modelling
14:00  15:30
A2 TPS.331:  Interacting with Displays
A3 TPS.332:  User Experience III
S1 TPS.333:  HCI in the Classroom
S2 TPS.334:  Usability
S3 TPS.335:  Interacting in Public Spaces
S4 TPS.336:  Computer-Mediated Communication
16:00  17:15
A2 TPS.341:  Tabletops II
A3 TPS.342:  Novel User Interfaces and Interaction Techniques II
S1 TPS.343:  Finding and Retrieving
S2 TPS.344:  Interaction Design for Developing Regions
S3 TPS.345:  Health III
S4 TPS.346:  Social Networks
17:30  18:00
A2 Closing Session



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    September 7th to 9th, 2011

Workshops and Tutorials
    September 5th and 6th, 2011

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    July 15th, 2011

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    April 7th, 2011

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