Interact 2011


Hotel Marquês de Sá - Sala Tejo
Wednesday and Thursday, September 7th and 8th

POSTER.1: NAVI – A Proof-of-Concept of a Mobile Navigational Aid for Visually Impaired Based on the Microsoft Kinect
Michael Zöllner
Stephan Huber
Hans-Christian Jetter
Harald Reiterer

POSTER.2: A Longitudinal Pilot Study to Evaluate Non-Visual Icons in a Mobile Exertion Application
Huimin Qian
Ravi Kuber
Andrew Sears

POSTER.3: Personal Chart: Health Data Logging Made Easy with a Mobile Device
Mikko Paldanius
Anu Lehtiö
Minna Karukka
Pertti Huuskonen

POSTER.4: Coupling Interaction & Physiological Metrics for Interaction Adaptation
Luís Duarte
Luís Carriço

POSTER.5: Using Availability Heuristics in Game Design to Introduce Children to Energy Sufficient Behaviours at Hom
Nsemeke Ukpong
Privender Saini
Abdullah Al Mahmud

POSTER.6: HTML 5 support for an accessible user-video-interaction on the Web
Lourdes Moreno
Paloma Martínez
Ana Iglesias
María González

POSTER.7: Intelligent Playgrounds: Measuring and affecting social inclusion in schools
Olga Lyra
Evangelos Karapanos
Vassilis Kostakos

POSTER.8: It does not Fitts my data! Analysing large amounts of mobile touch data
Niels Henze
Susanne Boll

POSTER.9: Measuring Cognitive Workload with Low-Cost Electroencephalograph
Avi Knoll
Yang Wang
Fang Chen
Jie Xu
Natalie Ruiz
Julien Epps & Pega Zarjam

POSTER.10: Effects of Touch Screen Response Time on Psychological State and Task Performance
Nozomi Sato
Kentaro Nakajima

POSTER.11: Instructional Animations: More complex to learn from than at first sight?
Anna Wong
Nadine Marcus
John Sweller

POSTER.12: Analyzing the Level of Presence while Navigating in a Virtual Environment during an fMRI scan
Miriam Clemente
Alejandro Rodríguez
Beatriz Rey
Aina Rodríguez
Rosa M. Baños
Cristina Botella

POSTER.13: Evaluation of 3D Object Manipulation on Multi-touch Surfaces Using Unconstrained Viewing Angles
Daniel Mendes
Alfredo Ferreira

POSTER.14: Integrating Feedback into Wearable Controls
Cátia Sousa
Ian Oakley

POSTER.15: The effect of religious identity on user judgment of website quality
Ons Al-shamaileh
Alistair Sutcliffe
Antonella De Angeli

POSTER.16: Towards a Semantic Modelling Framework in Support of Multimodal User Interface Design
Elena Tsiporkova
Tom Tourwé
Nicolás González-Deleito

POSTER.17: Can Persona Facilitate Ideation? A Comparative Study on Effects of Personas in Brainstorming
Xiantao Chen
Ying Liu
Ning Liu
Xiaojie Wang

POSTER.18: Improving the Flexibility of Model Transformations in the Model-Based Development of Interactive Computing Systems
Christian Wiehr
Nathalie Aquino
Kai Breiner
Marc Seissler
Gerrit Meixner

POSTER.19: A Systematic Evaluation of Mobile Applications for Diabetes Management
Clare Martin
Derek Flood
David Sutton
Arantza Aldea
Rachel Harrison
Marion Waite

POSTER.20: Calls for Interaction: The More the Better? User Experience of 3D Carousel and additional Interaction Techniques
S. Shyam Sundar
Saraswathi Bellur
Jeeyun Oh
Haiyan Jia

POSTER.21: Usability Planner: A Tool to Support the Process of Selecting Usability Methods
Xavier Ferre
Nigel Bevan

POSTER.22: A Remote Multi-touch Experience to Support Collaboration between Remote Museum Visitors
Ernesto Arroyo
Valeria Righi
Roger Tarrago
Josep Blat

POSTER.23: Experimenting and Improving Perception of 3D Rotation-based Transitions between 2D Visualizations
Maxime Cordeil
Christophe Hurter
Conversy Stéphane

POSTER.24: Towards a Framework of Co-Design Sessions with Children
Emanuela Mazzone
Janet Read
Russell Beale

POSTER.25: Usability Assessment of a Multimodal Visual-Haptic Framework for Chemistry Education
Davide Mazza
Sara Comai

POSTER.26: Toward a Better Guidance in Wearable Electronic Orientation Aids
Slim Kammoun
Marc Macé
Bernard Oriola
Christophe Jouffrais

POSTER.27: Elaborating Analysis Models with Tool Support
Buchholz Gregor
Forbrig Peter

POSTER.28: Towards a Context Oriented Approach to Ethical Evaluation of Interactive Technologies
Sandra Burri Gram-Hansen
Henrik Schärfe
Jens Vilhelm Dinesen

POSTER.29: In two minds about usability? Rationality and Intuition in Usability Evaluations
Volker Thoma
Elliott White

POSTER.30: TROCAS: Communication Skills Development in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders via ICT
Margarida Lucas da Silva
Carla Simões
Daniel Gonçalves
Tiago Guerreiro
Hugo Silva
Fernanda Botelho

POSTER.31: Psychosocial Indicators via Hand Tremor
Ted Selker
Patricia Collins
William Dayton

POSTER.32: Supporting Transformations Across User Interface Descriptions at Various Abstraction Levels
Mauro Lisai
Fabio Paternò
Carmen Santoro
Lucio Davide Spano

POSTER.33: The application of Preference Mapping in aesthetic website evaluation
Eleftherios Papachristos
Nikolaos Avouris

POSTER.34: OntoCompo: A Tool To Enhance Application Composition
Christian Brel
Philippe Renevier-Gonin
Anne-Marie Pinna-Dery
Michel Riveill

POSTER.35: Enriching Evaluation in Video Games
José Sánchez
Rosa Iranzo
Francisco Vela

POSTER.36: Applying the Affinto Ontology to Develop a Text-based Emotional Conversation System
Idoia Cearreta
Nestor Garay

POSTER.37: Multiuser augmented reality system for indoor exhibitions
Jesus Gimeno
Ricardo Olanda
Bibiana Martinez
Fernando Sanche

POSTER.38: End-User Support for Information Architecture Analysis in Interactive Web Applications
Luis Rojas
José Macías

POSTER.39: User experience specification through quality attributes
Llúcia Masip
Marta Oliva
Toni Granollers

POSTER.40: Influence of Web Content Management Systems in Web Content Accessibility
Juan Miguel López
Afra Pascual
Llúcia Masip
Toni Granollers
Xavier Cardet

POSTER.41: Supporting Moodle-based lesson through visual analysis
Diego Gomez-Aguilar
Miguel Conde-Gonzalez
Roberto Theron
Francisco Garcia-Peñalvo

POSTER.42: Recognizing Emotions from Video in a Continuous 2D Space
Sergio Ballano
Isabelle Hupont
Eva Cerezo
Sandra Baldassarri

POSTER.43: Towards an Experimental Framework for Measuring Usability of Model-Driven Tools
Jose Navarrete
Nelly Fernández
Arthur Baars
Tanja Vos
Ignacio Romeu
Oscar Pastor

POSTER.44: Evaluation of an accessible home control and telecare system
Fausto Sainz
Judit Casacuberta
Marta Díaz
Jaisiel Madrid

POSTER.45: Natural interaction without marks
Carina González-González
David Cabrera-Primo
Melvin Gutierrez
José Sigut-Saveedra

POSTER.46: Children with special needs: comparing tactile and tangible interaction
Cesar Ortea
Javier Marco
Sandra Baldassarri
Eva Cerezo

POSTER.47: Texture Recognition: Evaluating Force, Vibrotactile and Real Feedback
Jonatan Martinez
Arturo Garcia
Diego Martinez
José Molina
Pascual González

POSTER.48: Web accessibility requirements for media players
María González
Lourdes Moreno
Paloma Martínez
Ana Iglesias

POSTER.49: A Conceptual Framework for Modeling Awareness Mechanisms in Collaborative Systems
Fernando Gomez
Ana Diaz
Jesus Casero
Crescencio Santos

POSTER.50: Augmented Mirror: Interactive Augmented Reality System based on Kinect
Lucia Vera
Jesus Gimeno
Inmaculada Coma
Marcos Fernandez

POSTER.51: UsiXML extension for Awareness Support
Jose Martinez
Francisco Vela
Victor Jaquero
Pascual González

POSTER.52: An integrated approach to develop interactive software
Begoña Losada
Maite Urretavizcaya
Isabel de Castro

POSTER.53: Model-Based Accessible User Interface Generation in Ubiquitous Environments
Raúl Miñón
Julio Abascal
Amaia Aizpurua
Idoia Cearreta
Borja Gamecho
Nestor Garay

POSTER.54: Dual flow interaction: scene flow and data flow, dual interaction in art installations
Jose Alonso-Calero
Arcadio Reyes-Lecuona
Jesus Marin-Clavijo
Josefa Cano-Garcia


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