INFRARISK- Summer Workshop 2018

The fourth edition of the  INFRARISK- Summer Workshop was held at IST, Lisbon, on the 18th of July 2018.

Workshop 2018

This year the workshop had the participation of  Dr. Desmond Hartford and Dr. Sébastien Proust, members of Board of Advisors of the PhD program. Dr. Sébastien Proust was the keynote speaker of the event and gave the lecture entitled ‘The hydraulic modeling of extreme flood events‘.

Dr. James Daniell was an invited speaker of the event. His lecture entitled ‘The Global RApid-post-disaster Damage Estimation Approach is available here.

Research work carried out in the scope of the scholarships attributed in the framework of the Doctoral Program InfraRisk- was presented and discussed:

Earthquake Engineering

Hydrological Engineering

Infrastructures & Geothecnics

The workshop promoted interaction, discussion of future development amongst participants, colleagues and academic staff from the Board of Studies (BoS) to PhD Supervisors.

Detailed program of the workshop  is available here.

The Doctoral Program InfraRisk- is focused on the following main research domains within civil engineering: (i) Conduct hazard assessment; (ii) Perform vulnerability analysis of the several infrastructures, including the interdependence effects; (iii) Propose and prioritize solutions and techniques for the strengthening and rehabilitation of infrastructures; (iv) Contribute to define prevention and preparedness policies and measures aiming at the enhancement of socio-economic resilience.
The Doctoral Program in Analysis and Mitigation of Risks in Infrastructures involves a partnership between four universities - University of Lisbon - Técnico Lisboa (IST), University of Porto - Faculty of Engineering (FEUP), University of Minho (UMinho) and University of Aveiro (UA) - the National Laboratory of Civil Engineering (LNEC) and ICIST (Instituto de Engenharia de Estruturas, Território e Construção). The degree attributed to the candidates will be a PhD degree in Civil Engineering from one of the partner higher education institutions.