The Doctoral Programme (DP) on Advanced Integrated Microsystems – AIM will fund a significant part of the students selected for the programme. There are six scholarships available for the first four annual editions of the programme, starting in 2014, but students funded from other sources can also apply.

The admissions to the programme are continuously  open, whereas the calls for the scholarships within this DP open in specific dates, to be announced in this website.

The DP Scholarships follow the FCT regulations and are object of a contract between the PhD student and FCT. Overall, the maximum length of the DP Scholarships is four years and they include:
- a monthly stipend of 980 Euro (tax free);
- the tuition fees of the doctoral degree;
- social security (voluntary).

Limited moving subsidies (for students doing their research outside the faculty in which they are enrolled for limited periods of time) and travel funds to do research outside the faculty and present work at international scientific conferences are available.

Other scholarships

Additional scholarships may be available through the research groups, research institutes, faculties and universities associated with the programme as well as from the FCT yearly fellowship grant competition.

Additional student support

Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) provides, via its Student Support Office (NAPE), general logistical and practical support to all doctoral students, and in particular to those with special needs, such as people with disabilities, pregnant women, or students from very different cultural backgrounds. Furthermore, IST has its own Medical and Psychological Support Services (SMAP), located on campus at Alameda. Both IST and the DP can offer administrative support to students requiring a visa to study in Portugal. Please note that the visa application can only be submitted after admission to the DP, and the visa can take more than two months to be issued.