External advisory committee

The broad range of expertise involved in this multidisciplinary programme led the proponents to propose at this stage 3 of the scientists from the External Partner Group as members of the External Advisory Committee (EAC):

1) Prof. Oliver Paul, IMTEK/U. Freiburg (Microsystems for sensors, materials, fabrication, MEMS)

2) Prof. Richard Willson, Univ. Houston (biomolecular recognition and separation, biosensors)

3) Dr. Jacques Gierak, LPN-CNRS (nanotechnology, micro/nanofabrication)

4) Prof. Rogério Gaspar, Faculy of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon (biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences, nanomedicine)

The role of the EAC is to monitor the doctoral programme and propose recommendations to improve it.

The external supervisory committee will meet with the programme director and the DB at the end of the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 6th year of the programme at the July workshop. During the visit, the EAC will have opportunity to meet independently the course students and the faculty.

The programme director and the DB will propose an agenda and report on the programme in detail (namely admissions, activities, research proposals, faculty and student feedback, and implementation of previous EAC recommendations). The EAC can add topics to the agenda proposed. After the meeting, the EAC will issue a brief report and recommendations.