An important aspect of the regulation of the Programme is the regular collection of  student and faculty feedback. The objective is not to generate paperwork, but to ensure that both the coursework and the doctoral research are of the highest quality and that the doctoral programme is well-run. Early detection of issues that may develop into problems is crucial for this objective.

During the 1st year, which is partially devoted to coursework, each student will fill a questionnaire to evaluate each course offered in the doctoral programme. The faculty will also fill a questionnaire regarding the way the course functioned. This feedback will be considered by the DB to improve the course offerings.

In July, an annual feedback questionnaire and a small report will be requested from all the students in the doctoral programme and from the entire faculty involved in advising or co-advising research projects. The DB will use this information to monitor the thesis work progress and to detect potential barriers.

Students and faculty will have independent access time to the external supervisory committee during their yearly visits.

The programme director will post office hours throughout the year, for informal conversations with the programme students.