Catalysis provides the highest contribution of Chemistry towards sustainable development, allowing reactions to be performed with the highest energy saving, in the most efficient, economical and environmental responsible way. This PhD Programme on Catalysis and Sustainability (CATSUS) aims to strengthen the advanced teaching and research in modern Catalysis, promoting a synergic cooperation of the different types of Catalysis, in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, by gathering teams with complementary expertises in various institutions and favouring their interaction.

It will provide a stimulating environment for interdisciplinary cutting-edge research covering diversified topics in homogeneous and heterogeneous catalyses, bioinspired catalysis, and catalysis under environmentally benign and sustainable conditions, towards the syntheses of both commodity and fine chemicals, within hot topics of industrial and/or biological significance. Students will be trained on the required modern synthetic, spectroscopic and other analytical techniques and encouraged to venture new ideas in active research laboratories with strong international links.