The mission of Centro de Química Estrutural (CQE) a research unit of IST – University of Lisbon, is to contribute to the progress of society by providing top quality Research, Development and Innovation activities in diverse areas of Chemistry, and also to strongly support teaching activities.

The recent enlarged CQE, involving ~110 integrated members (academics and researchers) envisages a broadening of activities with the inclusion of new and complementary scientific and technological valences. The gathering of synergies, the sharing of skills, resources and facilities, and the strengthening of funding opportunities, thus contributing to the international competitiveness of the scientific and technological Portuguese system are our main goal.

We believe that the increased critical mass will enable CQE to gather national and international collaborations, to boost the cooperation with the industrial sector, leading to relevant projects within the Horizon 2020 in crucial areas such as: Development of Novel Catalysts, Ionic and Task-Specific Fluids, Functional Materials and Design, Synthesis, Evaluation of activity and toxicity of Bioactive Molecules up to the start of Clinical Trials.

Overall the members of the new team published 291 ISI articles in 2013, and 235 till the 15th September 2014. We include herein a selection of the finest work done by CQE members during such a period. A number of these result from recent established collaborations among the new CQE members and demonstrate the high quality of the work produced.

Armando J. L. Pombeiro                                  João Costa Pessoa

Unit Coordinator                                               Past Unit Coordinator