In the frame of the Applications to R & D Units by FCT, closed on January 2014 and under evaluation, CQE proposed a significant re-organization so that two distinct institutions, IST-UL and FC-UL, will be involved.
The proposed team consists of the ‘original CQE team’ (75 integrated members included), plus researchers from other Units:
– ICEMS (previously FCT Unit 84): 11 new members,
– IBB (previously FCT Unit 4565): 8 new members,
– CCMM of FC-UL (previously FCT Unit 536): 14 new members.
The proposed new team for 2015-2020 consists of 109 Integrated Members who had at least 10 indicators (as defined by FCT) during 2008-2012. There will be also ~40 PhD collaborators and several graduate students.

For 2015-2020 CQE plans to undertake its research activities within 4 Thematic Lines that congregate 10 research Groups according to their main fields of interest, working in cooperation towards the following common general objectives:
– Production of scientific knowledge in Chemistry and related sciences and technologies.
– Promotion of the contribution of Chemistry to a sustainable and environmentally friendly industrialized community.
– Promotion of both fundamental and applied objectives likely to stimulate a knowledge-based economy, making the Unit contribute to the national and regional economic growth and development.


In the following link you can find a video presentation of CQE.