Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2014 – How the optical microscope become a nanoscope

by Dr. Pedro Paulo and Prof. Sílvia B. Costa Last week, Eric Betzig, Stefan W. Hell and William E. Moerner were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2014 “for having bypassed a presumed scientific limitation stipulating that an optical microscope can never yield a resolution better than 0.2 micrometres.”[1] It is commonly known that it is not possible to “see” objects smaller than the wavelength of light. This concept was scientifically formulated at the end of the nineteenth century by Ernst Abbe [2] and Lord Rayleigh [3] as the “diffraction limit”. For optical…Read more

FCT research unit evaluation

On the 6th of October CQE received the visit of the FCT evaluation panel, for the 2013 Research Unit Evaluation. It took place in Centro de Congressos of IST.  Read more

MMSE 2014

The advanced training in Modern Methods of Structure Elucidation, MMSE 2014, will be held in CQE from the 27th to the 31st of October. Check the website for more information and registration. MMSE2014Read more