Thermodynamics of Fluids and Nanosystems (TFN)

Thematic line 4 – Thermodynamics of Fluids and Nanosystems (TFN) 

Coordinator: Carlos Alberto Nieto de Castro

Thermodynamics of Fluids and Nanosystems – It congregates multiple scientific research tasks centred on the relations between the interactions and structure of matter at a molecular level, the resulting thermodynamic and thermophysical properties at nano, micro or macroscopic scales and the relevance of those properties in the development of new applications (novel materials or industrial processes) with high impact at a societal level. This knowledge is used to understand the systems, predict its behavior in different environmental conditions and induce industrial/medical/pharmaceutical applications. Fuel extraction industries, new hydraulic binders (cement), optimization of drug delivery or improving the morphology of pharmaceutical drugs, new reaction, separation media or heat transfer and storage fluids, electrochemical devices, fuel cells, photosensitized panels and interactions between polymers, drugs and lipids are some examples of the impact of our research. In addition, thermophysical properties sensing in chemical processes can resolve many problems in controlling and composition measurement in gaseous streams from incinerators and protect environment. The valorization of natural resources from earth and sea (biomass), and its application in new fluid processes responds to the actual incineration of materials with high potential added value, like melanin, dry fruits seeds and barks for new pigments, coatings for renewable solar thermal energy, new green industries (HTF’s, IoNanofluids,) and insulators for construction industries (IoBiofluids). Research of the different thematic lines will be cross-linked to take advantage of our competences, inducing innovation and real problem solving. Finally contributions to the study of the history of the chemistry and chemical industry in Portugal and science dissemination will be a natural result of our activity.

The Groups organized in this thematic line are

Molecular and Engineering Thermodynamics (MET)

Molecular Thermophysics and Fluid Technology (MTFT)