Synthesis and Catalysis (SC)

Thematic line 1 – Synthesis and Catalysis (SC)

Coordinator: Armando Jose Latourrette de Oliveira Pombeiro

Catalysis conceivably provides the current greatest contribution by Chemistry towards sustainable development, with relevant significance to the welfare of Society. It allows chemical reactions to be performed in the most efficient, economic and environmentally responsible manner, being a key technology used by many industries (e.g, 90% of chem. manufacturing processes), playing a key role in our lives, as many products and energy related activities result from its application. Catalysts represent only a tiny fraction of total costs, and their added value is enormous. It is a general objective of the line to develop synthetic and catalytic processes towards products of interest, preferably under mild, sustainable and cheap conditions, improving efficiency (energy saving) and selectivity (waste reduction) and/or less toxic (pollution reduction) conditions. The research will extend from the molecular level (experimental and computational studies) to applications, covering mostly chemistry and chemical engineering topics of homogeneous, heterogeneous and supported catalysis and metal mediated synthesis, but also with intersections with biological and materials fields that arise as a concomitant result of the vast experience of the research groups in synthesis of discrete molecules and complex materials and assemblies.

The Groups organized in this thematic line are:

Coordination Chemistry and Catalysis (CCC)

Organometallic Architectures, Reactivity and Catalysis (OARC)

Heterogeneous Catalysis and Catalytic Processes (CATHPRO)