Materials Chemistry and Photoactive Processes (MCPP)

Thematic line 3 – Materials Chemistry and Photoactive Processes (MCPP)

Coordinator: Rui Manuel Amaral de Almeida

The thematic line Materials Chemistry and Photoactive Processes (MCPP) is focused on Advanced Functional Materials (FunMats), particularly within the following areas: 1) Energy conversion and storage; 2) Information and Communication Technologies; 3) Biomaterials and Sensing; 4) Functional Coatings. New photoactive materials, in particular, will be designed for molecular and bioelectronic devices with improved electronic and photonic properties. The scientific objectives of the MCPP-TL include research work on FunMats and devices for: 1) theranostics, carbon-based materials for light harvesting and photocatalysis, plasmonic devices for bio-sensing, photovoltaic conversion, light emitting diodes (LEDs) and photochromic materials; 2) photonic glasses and crystals and functional nanoparticles (NPs); 3) materials for corrosion protection and surface engineering. While the research on Photoactive Processes includes spectroscopic studies of self-assembled and nanostructured materials, fast and ultrafast kinetics and conventional photoluminescence (PL) of lanthanide-doped photonic glasses, glass-ceramics and glassy films, the Materials Chemistry research is mainly concerned with energy conversion and storage, biomaterials, smart coatings and sensors.

The Groups organized in this thematic line are:

Corrosion Science and Surface Engineering (CSSE)

Molecular Photochemistry and Photonic Materials (MPPM)