Biological, Medicinal and Environmental Chemistry (BMEC)

Thematic line 2 – Biological, Medicinal and Environmental Chemistry (BMEC)

Coordinator: Maria Matilde Soares Duarte Marques

Within the framework of the Horizon2020 platform, the ‘Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing’ topic poses significant challenges but also a privileged research opportunity. Priority topics such as the discovery of new therapies, clinical validation of biomarkers, new approaches to improve predictive human safety testing or development of improved inter-sector co-operation for environment and health based interventions are covered in the general objectives of the ‘Biological, Medicinal and Environmental Chemistry’ Thematic Line. Our range of multidisciplinary skills encompassing synthetic and analytical chemistry, structural analysis and chemical toxicology, and a record of prior successful collaborations with pharmacologists and clinicians provide a unique setting to tackle these problems. The specific aims include: 1) the design and synthesis of novel target structures with prospective therapeutic or diagnostic properties; 2) the assessment of structure-biological function correlations; 3) the use of crystal engineering tools to improve the activity and bioavailability of active pharmaceutical ingredients; 4) the elucidation of mechanisms of chemical toxicity from endogenous and exogenous compounds and v) the study of environmental biogeochemical systems.

The Groups organized in this thematic line are:

Bioinorganic Chemistry and Drug Development (BIOIN)

Chemistry and Toxicology of Bioactive Molecules (CTBM)

Environmental Biogeochemistry (EB)