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The facility

The IST-UL NMR facility is housed at the CQE and belongs to the Portuguese NMR Network.

The main tasks of the IST-UL NMR facility are :

1) serving the NMR-based research needs of CQE and other research centers within the IST;

2) providing education in the implementation of NMR techniques;

3) providing NMR-services to other academic and industry institutions.

We offer access to liquid and solid state NMR instrumentation and expert assistance in designing NMR experiments and applications in distinct fields of chemistry, biochemistry and material sciences.

The facility has 3 Bruker Avance solution and semi-solid stare spectrometers (300, 400 and 500 MHz) and a solid state Tecmag/Bruker 300 WB.


Head of the IST-UL NMR facility

J. Ascenso


Phone: (+351) 21 841 92 62 (ext. 3262)


Responsible for the solid state IST-UL NMR facility

M. Teresa Nunes


Phone: (+351) 21 841 90 43 (ext. 3043)


Manager of the IST-UL solution NMR facility

Alexandra Antunes


Phone: +351 21 8417627 (ext: 1627)



M. João Ferreira


Phone: (+351) 21 841 92 62 (ext. 3262)