Master courses

CQE staff is engaged in teaching activities in several National and International Master Courses, both at IST and FCUL.


International Mater Courses:

Erasmus Mundus Master in Chemical Innovation and Regulation (ChIR)

Contact person: Isabel Cavaco

Erasmus Mundus Master in Quality in Analytical Laboratories

Contact person: Isabel Cavaco

Kic InnoEnergy 

Contact person: Fátima Montemor and Marta Abrantes


National Master Courses:

Master Courses @ IST:

Bioengineering and Nanosystems (Master)

Biological Engineering (Integrated Master)

Biomedical Engineering (Integrated Master)

Biomedical Technologies (Master)

Biotechnology (Master)

Chemical Engineering (Integrated Master)

Chemistry (Master)

Materials Engineering (Master)

Microbiology (Master)

Pharmaceutical Engineering (Master)

Petroleum Engineering (Master)


 Master Courses @ FCUL



Technological Chemistry

Chemical Physics Teaching

Sea Sciences