On  Wednesday, May the 10th, we’ll have a talk by Dra. Ana Petronilho, from ITQB.

Ana Petronilho graduated in Chemistry in 2004, from Instituto Superior Técnico. In 2005, she joined the group of Prof. E. Carmona at the University of Seville, to initiate her PhD studies. Her work dealt with synthetic methodologies for C-H activation of pyridines with iridium complexes to form N-heterocyclic carbenes (NHCs). After finishing her PhD studies in 2010, she joined the group of Prof. M. Albrecht at University College Dublin, Ireland, to work in the synthesis of catalysts for artificial photosynthesis, in particular, water oxidation (WOX), based on abnormal NHCs. In 2014, she took a career-break and joined the Science Foundation Ireland, the Irish funding agency for STEM, working in science management. In July 2015, she joined ITQB with an FCT Starting Investigator contract to initiate an independed research career in the field of Bioorganometallic Chemistry.Slide1