On  Wednesday, April the 5th, we’ll have a talk by Dr. Vasco Bonifácio, from CQFM, IST.

Dr. Vasco Bonifácio graduated in Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, and received his PhD in Organic Chemistry in 2006. After a post-doc in Germany he was appointed Assistant Researcher of MIT Portugal and invited Assistant Professor at FCT/UNL. He recently moved to IST, where he is a CQFM Researcher and also an invited Assistant Professor. He was a Visiting Researcher at MIT and Bordeaux University.

Dr. Bonifácio discovered polyurea dendrimers in 2012, a new class of polymers with unusual properties. His actual research interests are focused in the fields of Nanomedicine, Molecular Electronics and Green Chemistry. In parallel to his research activity he is also enrolled in the development of teaching tools for blind and visually impaired students.

In 2017 he received the “International Advanced Materials Scientist Medal” for his notable contribution in the field of “Advanced Materials Science and Technology”.

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