On February the 8th we’ll have a talk by Pedro Adão from CQE, IST.

Pedro graduated in Chemistry in 2005 from Faculdade de Ciências of University of Lisbon. In early 2006, he joined CQE as a Research Fellow under the supervision of Dr. Isabel Correia and co-supervision of Prof. João Costa Pessoa. From 2006 to 2008, he worked in the development of titanium- and vanadium-salan complexes for asymmetric sulfoxidation. In mid 2008, he started a PhD under the supervision of Prof. João Costa Pessoa and co-supervision of Prof. Carlos Afonso. The PhD was the continuation and expansion of the work started in 2006, where he explored the reactivity of homogeneous and polymer supported chiral titanium, vanadium and copper complexes in catalytic sulfoxidation reactions. Having obtained the PhD in late 2011, he remained in the group as a Post-Doc researcher under the supervision of Prof. João Costa Pessoa since early 2012. Since then, he has been exploring the reactivity of titanium, vanadium, iron and copper complexes derived from chiral amino acids in a myriad of catalytic processes.

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