On the 1st of June we’ll have a talk by Dr. Anthony Burke from Universidade de Évora.

Anthony J. Burke obtained a BSc (joint honours in Chemistry & Biology, 1988) from NUI-Maynooth and a PhD from University College Dublin, Ireland (1993, supervisors –W. Ivo. O’Sullivan and DMX Donnelly). After post-doctoral studies with Steve Davies (Oxford, 1993-96) and Chris Maycock (ITQB –Portugal, 1996-1999) he accepted a positon as assistant professor in organic chemistry, at the University of Évora. He obtained the title of agregation in organic chemistry from the University of Évora in 2012. He has over 100 publications/presentations that includes, a book, book chapters, papers, patentes and lectures. He was the vice-president of the organic chemistry division of SPQ. between 2011-2013 and founded Chiratecnics Lda – a chiral technology specialist house in 2009. Currently he is chairman of the second edition of the International Symposium on Synthesis and Catalysis (ISySyCat) that will take place in Evora in September, and co-editor of special editions of ChemCatChem and Molecules.