Congratulations to CQE’s new PhD and Post-doc FCT grantees

We would like to congratulate the 11 CQE young researchers which were successful in the  2014 Call for PhD Studentships and Post-doctoral Fellowships. Five researchers will start their PhD projects: Bruno Faria, Catarina Charneira, Cristina Matos, Leonor Côrte-Real and Sílvia Quaresma. Six researchers received funding to start or continue their post-doctoral projects: Carlos Bernardes, Dmytro Nesterov, Luis Miguel Frija, Maria Beatriz Nobre, Sohel Murshed and Xavier Méndez. Congratulations!Read more

Dra Alexandra Antunes is the 2014 awardee of the LRI Innovative Science Award

Dra Alexandra Antunes was awarded the €100,000 LRI Innovative Science award, one of Europe’s largest research grants for early career scientists, with a project entitled "Covalent Modification of Histones by Carcinogens: a novel proteomic approach toward the assessment of chemically-induced cancers – CarcHistonOmic".  She received the award on a ceremony during the  16th ANNUAL CEFIC-LRI WORKSHOP “Science stakeholders consensus: what’s the trick?”, which was held on Brussels on the 19-20 of November. Read more

International “Vanadis Award” to João da Costa Pessoa

"Vanadis Award", an international prize awarded to João da Costa Pessoa as a recognition of the excellence of his research towards the development of Vanadium Science. The award was presented (July 2nd, 2014) during the 9th International Vanadium Symposium held at the University of Padova, Italy. The "Vanadis Award" was previously given to D.C. Crans (2004), D. Rehder (2006), T. Hirao (2008), V. Pecoraro (2010) and I. Wachs (2012).  Read more

Best Poster on the 9th International Vanadium Symposium to Nataliya Butenko

Nataliya Butenko has been awarded with one of the prizes for Best Poster of the 9th International Vanadium Symposium, with the work "VO(acac)2-phosphate Complex as Species Responsible for the Efficient Nuclease Activity of VIVO(acac)2." Nataliya Butenko is a CQE member and obtained her PhD (with Appraisal and Honour) on June 6th, 2014, under the supervision of Isabel Cavaco.Read more

“Prémio Sociedade Portuguesa de Electroquímica” has been awarded to Maria de Fatima C. Guedes da Silva

"Prémio Sociedade Portuguesa de Electroquímica" has been awarded to Maria de Fatima C. Guedes da Silva as a recognition of the excellence of her research in Electrochemistry and the relevance of her activities towards the development of the Portuguese Electrochemical Society. It was presented (June 30th, 2014) during the XIX Meeting of the  Portuguese Electrochemical Society and the XVI Iberic Meeting of Electrochemistry, held at the University of Aveiro.  Read more