Nuno Martins was awarded a best poster prize in ISy SY Cat 2017

Nuno Martins, a CQE PhD student, was awarded a poster prize in the International Symposium on Synthesis and Catalysis 2017 (ISySyCat2017), which was held in September 5-8 2017,  in Évora ( Six participants were awarded from a total of  168 poster communications. Nuno's poster was from the Catalysis category and was entitled "First-row-transition-metal EDTA functionalized magnetic nanocatalysts for oxidative mild reactions".  Read more

Members of CQE recently distinguished with prizes

Prof. Luísa M. Martins has been awarded the  Scientific Excellence Prize IPL-CGD for the Areas of Technology and Engineering (see the picture taken at the awarding ceremony, held at IPL on June 5th, 2017, with the awardee, the President of IPL and the representative of CGD) and Dr. Elisabete Alegria was then awarded a “Diploma de Mérito”. This Prize was awarded for the first time by the Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa (IPL), with sponsorship from the Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD), to recognize the scientific productivity and impact of its members along the last three years.Read more

Professor José Nuno Canongia Lopes from CQE honoured by ULisboa

Eight professors and researchers from Técnico were awarded the prize “Prémios Científicos Universidade de Lisboa/Caixa Geral de Depósitos”, during the ceremony commemorating the 3rd anniversary of Universidade de Lisboa. According to ULisboa, this prize aims “to reward scientific research activity and to stimulate the publication of research work in prestigious international journals”. Ana Póvoa (Economics and Management), Vítor Cardoso (Physics and Materials), Hugo Tavares (Pure and Applied Mathematics) and Francisco C. Santos (Computer Science, Computer Engineering) were awarded the prize “Prémios Científicos Universidade de Lisboa/Caixa Geral de Depósitos”. Carla Carvalho (Biology, Biological Engineering, Biochemistry…Read more

Women in science exhibition

Mulheres na Ciência (Women in science) is an exhibition that gathers more than 100 portraits of Portuguese researchers, made by António Pedro Ferreira, Clara Azevedo, Daniel Rocha, José Carlos Nascimento and Luísa Ferreira, upon a Ciência Viva invitation. It is a tribute to women scientists in Portugal, which represente 46% of researchers and whose contribution has been key to the progress of the national Science and Technology and its international reputation. Two CQE researchers have been selected to take part in this exhibition: Alexandra Antunes and Teresa Duarte, among seven IST women. We would like to…Read more

João Pedro Nunes won the Tecnocroma Chromatography Award

We would like to congratulate João Pedro Nunes for receiving the Tecnocroma Chromatography Award in the 4º Encontro Nacional de Química Terapêutica, which was held in Porto, from 1 to 3 of December. João Pedro Nunes is doing research under the supervision of Dr. Alexandra Antunes, in the Chemistry and Toxicology of Bioactive Molecules (CTBM) group of CQE. The prized poster was entitled: "Enrichment of Glycidamide Adducts of Human Serum Albumin". The prize was awarded by Tecnocroma and seeked to recognise the best publication, communication or poster dealing or using chromatography; and consisted on HPLC, GC…Read more