Prof. Marek Kwiatkowski will be the next speaker of CQE@Ciencias seminars

Professor Marek Kwiatkowski (Faculty of Chemistry, University of Gdańsk, Poland) will be visiting us at the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department (Ciências, ULisboa) next week within the ERASMUS Programme, and will be our invited lecturer for the seminar entitled "Lessons from the Past: What do we learn from not respecting the rules of Green Chemistry?" on April 14th, at 14:30, at the FFCUL Conference Room (C1 building). It will be a broad chemistry lecture that discusses several spectacular examples of misuse of chemical technologies in the past, as well as some important problems encountered…Read more

Researchers from CQE are back to the Arctic

Researchers from Centro de Química Estrutural are back to the Arctic to study Climate Change effects in the permafrost degradation and in the chemistry if the thermokarst lakes. This international campaign besides national researchers (IST e IGOT-ULisboa), involves also international researchers from Canadian, Finish and German universities. Although CQE has been involved in this research theme for two years, it is the 1st Winter campaign in which it participates. The importance of this study under such hard climacteric conditions is due to the fact that in winter the thick ice and snow surface does not allow exchange of oxygen…Read more

Dr. Satish K. Singh is the first speaker of Chemforum Spring Edition

Dr. Satish K. Singh will be the first speaker of Chemforum Winter Edition. Dr. Satish K. Singh is a Research Fellow at Pfizer in the Biotherapeutics Pharmaceutical Sciences group. His responsibilities include leading formulation, product and process development activities for biologics and therapeutic vaccines. He has more than 25 years of experience in the industry in product development activities ranging from oral dosage forms to ophthalmics and parenterals, encompassing small molecules and biologics, and has been involved in the submission of several BLAs and INDs. He is involved in various professional groups through the AAPS…Read more

Portugal is IASC’s 23rd member country

IASC Council welcomed Portugal as the 23rd IASC member country at the Arctic Science Summit Week 2015. Portugal is represented at IASC by FCT with João Canário, a CQE member, serving as the IASC Council member. We wish to congratulate João Canário. Below are two pages from the IASC bulletin.Read more

Women in science exhibition

Mulheres na Ciência (Women in science) is an exhibition that gathers more than 100 portraits of Portuguese researchers, made by António Pedro Ferreira, Clara Azevedo, Daniel Rocha, José Carlos Nascimento and Luísa Ferreira, upon a Ciência Viva invitation. It is a tribute to women scientists in Portugal, which represente 46% of researchers and whose contribution has been key to the progress of the national Science and Technology and its international reputation. Two CQE researchers have been selected to take part in this exhibition: Alexandra Antunes and Teresa Duarte, among seven IST women. We would like to…Read more

Chemforum and CQE@Ciencias seminars are online

In an effort to bring the research developed in Chemistry and related areas to the rest of the community the semminars which are presented in Chemforum and CQE@Ciencias are streamed - whenever possible - and uploaded in the youtube channels​ Feel free to watch, comment and share.    Read more