3rd European Conference on Smart Inorganic Polymers in Porto

3rd European Conference on Smart Inorganic Polymers in Porto

Andreia Valente, a CQE@Ciencias member, belongs to the organizing committee of the 3rd European Conference on Smart Inorganic Polymers and invites you all to attend. The conference will be held at the Faculty of Sciences of University of Porto, throughout September 12th-14th, 2016. The preliminary schedule can be found on the webpage (http://www.iceta.up.pt/EUSIPS3/). The Training School (TS) preceding the EuSIPs Conference (September 8th-12th, 2016) will be held at the Centre of Materials of the University of Porto (CEMUP). All candidates (maximum of 25 trainees) participating in the TS are expected afterwards to participate in the EuSIPs…Read more

Vijayakrishna Kari will be the 1st speaker of Chemforum Summer Edition

Vijayakrishna Kari, an associate professor of the Department of Chemistry, School of Advanced Sciences, VIT University in Tamil Nadu, India will be the 1st speaker of 2016 Chemforum Summer Edition, which is devoted to invited visiting scientists. https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Viajayakrishna_Kari  Read more

Chemforum and CQE@Ciencias seminars are online

In an effort to bring the research developed in Chemistry and related areas to the rest of the community the semminars which are presented in Chemforum and CQE@Ciencias are streamed - whenever possible - and uploaded in the youtube channels https://www.youtube.com/user/isttvcomunidade https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_YHl73-Odc​ Feel free to watch, comment and share.    Read more