Chemforum and CQE@Ciencias seminars are online

In an effort to bring the research developed in Chemistry and related areas to the rest of the community the semminars which are presented in Chemforum and CQE@Ciencias are streamed - whenever possible - and uploaded in the youtube channels​ Feel free to watch, comment and share.    Read more

Dr. César Laia will be the next Chemforum speaker

On the 11 of November at 12:00 in Anfiteatro Abreu Faro, Dr. César Laia, a former CQE member, currently a researcher from REQUIMTE, will give a talk on Chemforum entitled "Light inside glass". You are all welcome to attend.  Read more

TrainMic will occur from 23-34 of November

TrainMic is an European program which aims to harmonize the formation in Chemical Metrology. The next training action will occur in Lisbon, on the 23 an 24 of November. The organisers belong to CQE@Ciências. Please click here for more information.Read more