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An MIT Portugal project funded by the FCT Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologa, Ministério da Educação e Ciência, EDP Distribuição, ADENE, R&D Nester; Novabase and iTds.

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… is focused on developing and integrating new tools and services to increase urban resource efficiency with minimum environmental impacts while contributing to promote economic development and preserving the actual levels of reliability. Dispersion of agents producing data at urban level (City Council, Utilities, State agencies and institutes, Corporations) lead to mixed results in applying indicators in different environments and sometimes with little gain in urban performance, namely in terms of sustainability.


This Project aims at advancing the science of urban systems modeling and data representation supported by urban “big data” collection and processing, with the double objective of enabling and demonstrating a suite of new services that explore economic opportunities associated with the transition to sustainable urban systems. This project involves four Portuguese Universities, one Associated Laboratory and one National Laboratory, the MIT and a wide set of private and public institutions, namely:EDP Distribuição, Lisbon Municipality (CML), IBM, Portuguese Energy Agency (ADENE), ITDS, National Energy Grid (REN/R&D Nester), Novabase and PowerGrid. In terms of research progress/achievements to date:

  • It was possible already to characterize residential resource consumption at the neighborhood scale and the draft develop a tool to visualize and communicate material & energy stock and flows;
  • Identification the city related information that each WP intends to acquire and generate.


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