Keynote : The Scars of Serious Games : How We Can Fail Less & Succeed More

Ben Sawyer

Ben Sawyer has been building and advocating about the use of video games and videogame technologies for over ten years. He has built over two dozen projects across many different content areas, and platforms. He is the co-founder of the Serious Games Initiative, Serious Games Summit, Games for Health Project, and the Games for Health Conference. He lives in Freeport Maine, USA with his wife and two sons ages 4 and 7 and spends too much time playing Minecraft with them.

Keynote: Serious 3D games – The application of stereo 3D in the treatment of lazy eyes

Dr. Jon Purdy (University of Hull)

Dr. Jon Purdy is the computer games subject leader in the department of Computer Science and he has helped to develop computer games based curricula at many institutions in Yorkshire and beyond.  He formed the Yorkshire Academic Games Network in 2005. This is a collection of academics from all Yorkshire universities who share a common interest in teaching and research in computer games.  Jon is also a senior assessor for Skillset (helping to provide national accreditation for computer games courses that meet the high standards required in the games industry.)

He started his academic life at Hull in the department of Applied Physics with a degree and then Ph.D. in magnetic materials. This was then followed by a move over the Pennines to work in Manchester and Bolton, teaching electronics and developing medical instrumentation and imaging software. He then returned to Hull and now spends much of his time developing and delivering courses in games related subjects. However he still keeps an active research interest in medical signal processing and instrumentation.   His current research is a Welcome Trust funded study into the use of 3D game technology in the treatment of Amblyopia (Lazy Eyes) in children.