Topics of Interest

This Conference aims at collecting and disseminating knowledge on serious games technologies, design and development; to provide game designers and interdisciplinary communities with a peer-reviewed forum to discuss the state-of-the-art in serious games research, their ideas and theories, and innovative applications of serious games; to explain cultural, social and scientific phenomena by means of serious games; to concentrate on the interaction between theory and application; to develop new methodologies in various application domains using games technologies; and to explore perspectives of future developments and innovative applications relevant to serious games and related areas. The strong focus of the conference on the application of serious games by organizations implies the strong involvement of industry through the fostering of an environment where all interested stakeholders share knowledge and network with one another.

  • Game design, game study, game theories
  • Storytelling
  • Simulation, modelling
  • Gaming; post-experience analysis; role-play; gameplay
  • Virtual Reality, 3D Visualisation
  • Active learning, experiential learning, social learning
  • Medical applications of games technology
  • Competence development, Advertisement and awareness building
  • Case studies of industrial and scientific applications of Serious Games in engineering, healthcare, education and learning theories, training, military, production, human interfaces, crisis response, public policy, cognition, psychology, communication, decision making, environmental issues, sociology, international studies, peace and conflict studies, organization studies, etc.
  • Serious Games in economics, marketing, business, management, and entrepreneurship
  • Serious Games in mobile computing applications and social networks