Paper presentations will last 30 minutes. Download the programme here.

Venue: Centro de Congresso do Instituto Superior Técnico Room: 0.2.2 Av. Rovisco Pais, 1 1049-001 Lisboa, Portugal

19 September 2011

9.30 Arrival & registration
9.50 Welcome & introduction
10.00 Keynote 1: Serious 3D games – The application of stereo 3D in the treatment of lazy eyes 

Jon Purdy

10.40 Gaze-Dependent Depth-of-Field Effect Rendering in Virtual Environments  

Radoslaw Mantiuk, Bartosz Bazyluk, and Anna Tomaszewska

11.10 Industry Talk: Simbody – An interactive simulation for health education  

Eng. Guilherme Santos

11.40 Refreshment break
12.00 pm Impact of the Feeling of Knowledge explicitness in the learners’ participation and performance in a collaborative Game Based Learning activity  

Mireia Usart, Margarida Romero, and Esteve Almirall

12.30 pm Virtual Location-Based Indoor Guide  

Tiago Fernandes and João Jacob

1.00pm Buffet lunch

2.00pm Keynote 2: The Scars of Serious Games : How We Can Fail Less & Succeed More 

Ben Sawyer

2.40pm Serious Game For Introductory Programming  

Antonio Coelho, Enrique Kato, Joao Xavier, and Ricardo Goncalves

3.10pm Game Design Evaluation Study for Student Integration  

André Cruz, Armando Sousa, and António Coelho

3.40pm Refreshment break
4.00pm Towards a Serious Game for Portuguese Learning 

Andre Silva, Nuno Mamede, Alfredo Ferreira, Jorge Baptista, and Joao Fernandes

4.30pm Serious Games: Are They Part of the Solution in the Domain of Cognitive Rehabilitation?  

Artemisa Rocha Dores, Irene Palmares Carvalho, Fernando Barbosa, Isabel Almeida, Sandra Guerreiro, Miguel Leitao, Liliana de Sousa, and Alexandre Castro-Caldas

8:30 pm Conference dinner

20 September 2011

9.00 Industry Talk: Enabeling consumer behaviour transformation through Serious Games – The SAVE ENERGY case study 

Eng. João Raposo

9.40 What Can Bits Teach about Leadership: A Study of the Application of Variation Theory in Serious Games  

Martin Ruskov and William Seager

10.10 A Cloud Observational Learning system of Art Education via e-Learning in Taiwan  

Wen-Wei Liao, Rong-Guey Ho

10.40 Refreshment break
11.00 The Use of Integrative Framework to Support the Development of Competences  

Manuel Fradinho Oliveira, Bjorn Andersen, Joao Pereira, Will Seager, and Claudia Ribeiro

11.30 pm A SUNNY DAY: Ann and Ron’s World. An iPad Application for Children with Autism  

Feng Yan

12.00 pm Ordsall Hall in Manchester. A Creative Game for Heritage Studies  

Mathias Fuchs and Deborah Leighton

12.30 pm Panel discussion 

Where do we go from here? Future work/ directions/ collaborations/ network/ the new journal proposal/ host of SGDA 2012, etc.

1.00 pm