Meeting AIM-3

The Meeting AIM-3 will take place on 2-3 February 2017.

Meeting AIM-3 will have 2 sessions. The first session, in the afternoon of Thursday, February 2, is a scientific workshop with 5 talks of invited speakers. These are researchers that showed interest in integrating microsystems in their research efforts, and this workshop is an opportunity to create a bridge between the speakers and their research groups and the AIM researchers.

Workshop AIM-3_Feb 2 2017

Thursday, February 2, 2017, Qa1.1 – South Tower, Instituto Superior Técnico, 1st floor

New interactions for AIM?

Workshop Program:

14h00-14h30 Alexandre Bernardino, ISR, Técnico, UL

Robots and humans

14h30-15h00 Ricardo Louro, ITQB, UNL

Microbial electrochemical technologies: A versatile platform for environmentally sustainable biotechnological processes

15h-15h30 Alvaro Crevenna, ITQB, UNL

Assembly dynamics of multi-subunit protein complexes

15h30-16h Coffee break

16h-16h30 Luka Clarke, BioISI, FC, UL

Cystic Fibrosis and new approaches to personalized medicine

16h30-17h Zach Hensel, ITQB, UNL

Microbiology at the nanoscale: counting and tracking single molecules in living cells


The second session of the Meeting AIM-3 will consist of the Fellows presentations. This will take place on friday, February 3, in the morning.

Workshop AIM-3_Fellows presentations

3 February 2017, Qa1.4, South Tower, Floor 1, Técnico

9h00-10h 2015 AIM Fellows

Ana Isabel Matos, “Combinatorial multivalent nanoplatform for colorectal cancer treatment”

Ricardo Fradique, “Design of a miniaturized platform for biopharmaceuticals production”

João Pedro Valadeiro, “Advanced magnetoresistive architectures for ultra-low magnetic field detection”

Rui Pinto, “Thin-film MEMS and NEMS for biosensing applications”

10h00-10h30 2016 AIM Fellows

Rita Soares, “Integrated spintronic platforms for polymicrobial detection: clinical validation of diabetic foot infections”

Diogo Caetano, “Integrated Circuits for Driving and Precise Reading of Integrated Resistive Sensors”


10h30-11h coffee break


11h-12h30 2016 AIM Fellows

Eduardo Brás, “Microfluidic bioreactors for cascade enzymatic reactions”

Inês Iria, “Microfluidic biosensor for antibody therapy management”

Marília Silva, “Novel architectures to integrate ultra sensitive sensors to detect biomedical signals”

Patrícia Zoio, “Production of artificial skin in a microfluidic platform for optimized drug screening”

Ricardo Ribeiro, “Control of Astroglia for Central Nervous System Repair”

Tatiana Arriaga, “Design and Optimization of a Scalable Manufacturing Process for Bacteriophages”

AIM Fellows - AIM-3 Meeting, February 2017

AIM Fellows – AIM-3 Meeting, February 2017