2018 Call

The AIM Call 2018 will offer 9 PhD Fellowships. The Call will be open between February 1 and March 31.

The official text of the call can be found here (in Portuguese, here). Applications can be made through this link between February 1 and March 31 2018.

Further information about the application procedure, including details regarding the registration of the academic degrees obtained outside Portugal can be found here. Please make sure that your read this page and the official text of the calls.


In the required Statement of Intent (cover letter) that applicantes must submit, describing the interest of the candidate in the PhD programme, personal aims and research topics of interest we require that the candidate lists, in order of preference, at least 3 of the available doctoral research plans (below, to be posted soon). Although the final selected doctoral plan will be designed by the admitted Fellow and his/her advisor, the list below serves as an orientation of the type of projects available and will help expedite the selection of doctoral project/advisor.


Project 1_Development of a compact and portable system for monitoring microbial induced carbonate precipitation in soils

Project 2_Advanced Microfabrication and NMR Electronic Instrumentation Development

Project 3_Miniaturization of continuous bioprocess – integration of cell production and antibody purification

Project 4_Electronic Platforms and Signal Processing for Magnetic Biochips

Project 5_Magnetoresistive microscope for high resolution magnetic imaging

Project 6_Cellect-Ab Build a synthetic immune response in droplet microfluidics

Project 7_Thin-film silicon MEMS sensor arrays

Project 8_Sample Processing device to integrate a Magnetoresistive Platform for the Stroke Patients stratification

Project 9_Chromatography-on-a-chip

Project 10_Resistant and flexible GaN radiation sensors

Project 11_Septicemia detection using graphene transistors integrated in a microfluidic platform

Project 12_Thin-film silicon nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS) for sensing

Project 13_Expanding the enzyme universe by laboratory evolution

Project 14_Novel technologies for next generation robotic artificial skin

Project 15_Biosensor integrated cell culture systems for monitoring biological responses

Project 16_Integrated optical spectroscopy device for fruit growth monitoring

Project 17_Multiparametric sensor platform for real-time biocontaminant aerial detection

Project 18_Development of a point-of-care device for fast detection of pathogens involved in hospital- acquired infection

Project 19_Advanced microsystems to study intracellular pattern formation

Project 20_Biomimetic micro-patterned surfaces for 3D complete human skin growing for bioassays