2016 Call


2016 AIM Call will offer 8 PhD Fellowships. Call expected to be open in March/April 2016 for Fellowships to start in September 2016. News soon in this homepage.


The 2016 AIM Call will offer 8 PhD Fellowships. The Call will be open between March 15 and April 30.

The official text of the call can be found here (in Portuguese, here). Applications can be made through this link.

Further information about the appllication procedure, including details regarding the registration of the academic degrees obtained outside Portugal can be found here.


In the required Statement of Intent (cover letter) that applicantes must submit, describing the interest of the candidate in the PhD programme, personal aims and research topics of interest we require that the candidate lists, in order of preference, at least 3 of the available doctoral research plans (below). Although the final selected doctoral plan will be designed by the admitted Fellow and his/her advisor, the list below serves as an orientation of the type of projects available and will help expedite the selection of doctoral project/advisor.

Project 1 - Production and optimisation of artificial skin for toxicity testing by alteration of permeation properties

Project 2 - Activatable Antibody-Zinc-Finger Conjugates (AZFCs): a novel concept of gene therapy

Project 3 - Integrated Systems for Molecular Profiling of Circulating Tumor Cells

Project 4 - Electronic interfaces to thin-film silicon MEMS

Project 5 - Microfluidic bioreactors for cascade reactions

Project 6 - Microfluidic biosensor for antibody therapy management

Project 7 - Active Piezo-Resistive MEMS in Flexible Substrates

Project 8 -  Magnetic Biochip platform for water and liquid contaminant detection

Project 9 - Magnetoresistive microscope for immunohistochemistry

Project 10 - Monolithic architectures reconstructed from CMOS and sensor chips

Project 11 - Conformal magnetic field mapping


The selection process of the 2016 AIM Call was concluded with 8 candidates being offered a Fellowship. These 8 candidates accepted the AIM Fellowship.

A new call, 2017 AIM Call is tentatively scheduled for early 2017 (6 Fellowships). Further information will be posted in the AIM site.