2015 AIM Call


26 applications were submitted to the 2015 AIM Call. These applications are now being reviewed both from the point of view of eligibility and from the scientific and technical point of view. We expect to have a ranking of the eligible candidates by early July 2015. From this ranking a selection of short-listed candidates will be interviewed during the first two weeks of July 2015.


The evaluation of the applications to the 1st AIM Call 2015 were evaluated. The results and follow up information can be downloaded in AIM_July 2015_info candidates_sent.


The hearing period regarding the evaluation of the 2015 AIM call is concluded. As there was no challenge to the preliminary results, these have become definitive.

We expect to be able to offer doctoral fellowships to the 6 top ranked candidates by the end of August. If any of these candidates do not accept the offer, the fellowships will be offered, in succession, to the remaining candidates, according to the ranking which can be downloaded AIM_July 2015_info candidates_final after hearing period.

We expect to open a 2nd call for applications for AIM in early 2016.