Eduardo Brás – AIM Fellow 2016

Eduardo Brás

Integrated Master’s degree in Biological Engineering at IST

PD-FCT AIM project is entitled  “Microfluidic bioreactors for cascade enzymatic reactions” and will take place at INESC-MN and IBB. The thesis will be supervised by Professor João Pedro Conde (INESC-MN and Department of Bioengineering) and co-supervised by Professor Pedro Fernandes (IBB). His doctoral program started on the 22nd of September 2016.

Project goals:

The objective of this doctoral project is to study the design, implementation and characterization of microfluidic microreactors for complex cascade reactions using a series of enzymatic and chemical reactions.

Two potential applications will be studied: (i) biosensing of metabolites (in plants, animals and humans); and (ii) screening of production conditions for high value added biotechnological products.

In addition, the integration of additional processing modules to the microfluidic microreactor will be studied: (i) sample preparation; and (ii) downstream separation.

Ongoing activities:

- Attending the Sensors, Signals and Instrumentation course at IST;

- Developing a biochemical POC assay for the monitoring of grape health;

- Developing microfluidic bioreactors for enzymatic synthesis;

- Ongoing collaboration with FFUL on the development of a microfluidic cell culture platform;


Past activities:

- Attended a pressure sensor microfabrication course: Summer School at the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern, Germany;

- Development of microfluidic bioreactors for the cultivation of yeast;

- Completed the courses of Bioentrepreneurship, Basic Doctoral training and Teaching and scientific communication course (IST).



- Bras, Eduardo JS, et al. “A multiplexed microfluidic toolbox for the rapid optimization of affinity-driven partition in aqueous two phase systems.” Journal of Chromatography A 1515 (2017): 252-259.

- Brás, Eduardo JS, et al. “A microfluidic platform for physical entrapment of yeast cells with continuous production of invertase.” Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology 92.2 (2017): 334-341.


Oral Comunications:

- Poster Presentation at the Microbiotec conference entitled: “Affinity driven aqueous-two phase extraction of antibodies: a microfluidic approach.”; 7/12-9/12/2017

- Oral Presentation at the Anything But Conventional Chromatography Workshop Organized by ESBES, entilted: “Rapid and multiplexed screening of aqueous two-phase systems for the affinity driven partition of biopharmaceuticals using a microfluidic toolbox.”, 24/11/2017



- Academic Excellence Diploma for the year 2014/2015