Catarina Nogueira – AIM Fellow 2018

Catarina Nogueira has undergraduate degrees (bachelor and master) in Biomedical Engineering from Técnico, Lisboa of the University of Lisbon.

Her PD-FCT AIM project is entitled: “Development of a point-of-care device for fast detection of pathogens involved inhospital-acquired infections”. The thesis is supervised by Carla Carvalho (INL) and co-supervised by Susana Cardoso  deFreitas (INESC-MN). Her doctoral program started October 1st , 2018.

Research summary
Hospital-acquired or nosocomial infections remain a life-threatening occurrence due to their causative agents that are highly antibiotic-resistant and due to the inability to rapidly detect and identify these pathogens. Phages are bacterial viruses, extremely specific, usually infecting a single species, and consequently present high potential as probing elements for the detection of bacteria.

This work aims to develop an integrated multiplex point-of-care (PoC) device capable of accepting patient samples, and screen specifically for nosocomial pathogens and for their antibiotic resistance, with sample-in-answer-out results in few hours. This will be achieved by synergistically combing the advantages of phage proteins as specific probes with the miniaturization and automation of microfluidic devices and the sensitivity of optical and magnetoresistive sensors.


(prior to AIM)
Minero GA, Nogueira C, Rizzi G, Tian B, Fock J, Donolato M, Strömberg M, Hansen MF. Sequence-specific validation of LAMP amplicons in real-time optomagnetic detection of Dengue serotype 2 synthetic DNA. Analyst. 2017;142(18):3441-