Andreia Saruga – AIM Fellow 2018

Andreia Saruga_photo

Andreia Saruga has a bachelor degree in Biotechnology from University of Évora and a master degree in Biotechnology from NOVA University of Lisbon. Andreia did an internship at Bluepharma (Coimbra, Portugal) to develop drug delivery systems with different polymers and another internship at National Institute of Health (Lisbon, Portugal) to assess cyto- angenotoxicity of manufactured nanomaterials. Andreia also worked as Product Development Scientist at Horizon Discovery (Cambridge, UK).

Her PD-FCT AIM project is entitled “Cellect-Ab: Build a synthetic immune response in droplet microfluidics” and will take place at Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lisbon and INESC MN in Lisbon This project is supervised by João Gonçalves (Faculdade de Farmácia of University of Lisbon) and co-supervised by João Pedro Conde (INESC-MN and IST). Her doctoral program started on September 1st, 2018.