Eduardo Brás – AIM Fellow 2016

foto Eduardo Brás 2018

Integrated Master’s degree in Biological Engineering from IST (2015).

PD-FCT AIM project is entitled “Microfluidic bioreactors for cascade enzymatic reactions” and will take place at INESC-MN and IBB. The thesis will be supervised by Professor João Pedro Conde (INESC-MN and Department of Bioengineering) and co-supervised by Professor Pedro Fernandes (IBB). His doctoral program started on the 22nd of September 2016.

Project goals:

The objective of this doctoral project is to study the design, implementation and characterization of microfluidic microreactors for complex cascade reactions using a series of enzymatic and chemical reactions.

Two potential applications will be studied: (i) biosensing of metabolites (in plants, animals and humans); and (ii) screening of production conditions for high value added biotechnological products.

In addition, the integration of additional processing modules to the microfluidic microreactor will be studied: (i) sample preparation; and (ii) downstream separation.

Ongoing activities:

- Developing a biochemical POC assay for the monitoring of grape health;

- Developing microfluidic bioreactors for enzymatic synthesis;

- Ongoing collaboration with FFUL on the development of a microfluidic cancer cell culture platform;

Past activities:

- Development of microfluidic bioreactors for the cultivation of yeast;

- Development of screening platforms for antibody purification via ATPS;

- Student Representative of the AIM Doctoral Program for the year 2018;

- Attended the first EuroMBR course at the Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany;

- Attended a pressure sensor microfabrication course: Summer School at the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern, Germany;

- Completed the courses of Image Analysis and Computational Geometry, Bioentrepreneurship, Basic Doctoral training,Sensors, Signals and Instrumentation, and the Teaching and Scientific Communication Course (IST).


Brás, Eduardo JS, et al. “Development of a Point-of-Care Platform for Plant Health Assessment: A Microfluidic Approach.” Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute Proceedings. Vol. 2. No. 13. 2018.

- Bras, Eduardo JS, et al. “A multiplexed microfluidic toolbox for the rapid optimization of affinity-driven partition in aqueous two phase systems.” Journal of Chromatography A 1515 (2017): 252-259.

- Brás, Eduardo JS, et al. “A microfluidic platform for physical entrapment of yeast cells with continuous production of invertase.” Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology 92.2 (2017): 334-341.

Oral Comunications:

- Oral Presentation at the 32nd EursoSensors Conference – “Development of a Point-of-Care Platform for Plant Health Assesment: A Microfluidic Approach.”; Graz, Austria, September 2018

- Poster Presentation at the Microbiotec 2017 conference entitled: “Affinity driven aqueous-two phase extraction of antibodies: a microfluidic approach.”; Porto, Portugal, December 2017

- Oral Presentation at the Anything But Conventional Chromatography Workshop Organized by ESBES, entilted: “Rapid and multiplexed screening of aqueous two-phase systems for the affinity driven partition of biopharmaceuticals using a microfluidic toolbox.”, Lisbon, Portugal, November 2017

Teaching and Scientific Dissemination

- Advanced Experimental Physics classes concerning Hydrogenated amorphous silicon thin-film photosensors fabrication, characterization and use as part of a biosensor;

- PhD Lab Rotation Supervision: Ana Rita Mendes (MIT Portugal), Ana Filipa Louro (MIT Portugal);

- Master Thesis Supervision: Rafaela Pereira (IST), Benjamin Heidt (Hochschule Kaiserslautern), Cristiana Domingues (IST), Ricardo Serrão (FCT-NOVA);

- Bachelor Thesis Supervision: Niklas Floto (Hochschule Kaiserslautern);

- Summer Student Supervision: Miguel Alves (IST), Beatriz Carvalho (IST);

- Participation at the Futuralia Exposition directed at young students (2018);

- Organization of the AIM 6.5 Workshop: From Students to Students, held at IST (2018);

- Organization of the Microfabrication Workshop, Held at INESC-MN (2017).


- Best Poster Presentation award at MicroBiotec 2017

- Academic Excellence Diploma for the year 2014/2015